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Weatheproof Tags


Great for smaller quantities and we can add an eyelet.

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This is our most popular stock. It is a synthetic paper which is weatherproof, tear-proof and resistant to chemicals. We carry it in a 10pt thickness.Tyvek

TYVEK is a synthetic fiber material that is waterproof, flexible and tear resistant. They are also puncture proof, mildew resistant and not affected by chemicals. Tyvek Tags are also safe to use for foodstuffs and with litte lint are often used in clean rooms. From chemical drums to ski passes, Tyvek Tags are your best choice.

Below is a list of other Specialty Materials that we can supply.


Polyart is a two-sided matte coated plastic. It is waterproof, resistant to tearing, temperature variations, grease and most chemicals. Polyart is FDA approved which makes it especially suited for use when direct contact with fresh or frozen food is required. Wherever there are strict standards on cleanness and dust, such as clean rooms for the medical, electronics, computer or food processing industries, Polyart is the answer. Polyart is non-toxic, contains no chlorine or plasticiser and has very low dust particle levels.


Kimdura Synthetic Papers have a durable, scuff resistant surface that is remarkably resilient even when handled roughly.

Kimdura Synthetic Papers are tough, tear resistant and waterproof. You can wipe off most stains, dirt and grease.





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Specialty Tags

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