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Custom Printed Tags

We are Your Source for Plain or Custom Printed Tags.

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Hang Tag with String Attached

Hang Tags

Hang Tags are an ideal way to get your customers attention. We can produce product tags in various shapes and sizes for your eye-catching design.

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Custom Printed Tags

Reinforced Tags

Reinforced Tags are ideal for Shipping Tags, In-Process Tags, Approved Tags, Hold Tags, Inspection Tags, and more.

We can custom print tags with your information.

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Accepted Tag

Specialty Tags

Specialty TagsĀ  include 2-part tags, reinforced top , mylar reinforced strip, brass or nickel eyelets.

Let us know your needs and we will find a solution.

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Tag with string attachment

Tag Finishing

We provide many finishing options for your tags, including wire attachment, stringing, perforating, hole drilling, adhesive strips, and barcoding.

We custom finish to your needs.

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Tyvek Tags

Tyvek Tags

These synthetic tags are waterproof, flexible and tear resistant yet appear to be made from paper fibers.

We also offer other specialty materials. Visit our page for more information.

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Here are some tags we’ve created: